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The potential of offshore wind in South Taranaki

Around 2GW of offshore wind commercially available off South Taranaki, built in stages - around twice New Zealand’s existing onshore capacity.

Drive transition to reliable renewable energy

Reduced need for expensive firming and transmission investments

Generate power when daily demand is high

Less constrained by land availability

Large-scale solution to increased power demand

More than 2000 jobs during construction, and more than 250 direct ongoing jobs

More than NZD 8 billion spent locally over the life of the project

Improved social licence and less impact on communities

Why South Taranaki?

  • Heart of NZ energy industry, existing offshore expertise and skills
  • High quality offshore wind resources
  • Minimal restricted areas for fixed bottom turbines
  • Close to load centres
  • LCOE potential below long-term power price forecast due to NZ world-class fundamentals